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Benefits of Organics - Biodiversity & Eco-systems

Organic methods not only help maintain natural habitats; they actually foster an even stronger, more diverse natural eco-system.

International studies have shown astounding results.

Organic farms have been shown to nurture more healthy species, including:
  • 5 times as many wild plants in arable fields, and 57% more species.
  • 25% more birds at the field edge, and 44% more birds in-field during the autumn and winter.
  • 1.6 times as many invertebrate arthropods, which serve as bird food.
  • 3 times as many non-pest butterflies in the crop areas.
  • 1-5 times as many spiders, and 1-2 times as many species.
  • significant decreases in number of aphids, a common crop pest.

In addition, innovations in ecologically-based farming are fundamentally changing agriculture. The Land Institute is paving the way to mimic the laws of nature to create synergistic agricultural eco-systems. Capitalizing on nature's ability to regulate and sustain itself, these systems require less human intervention to produce healthy, prolific crops.
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