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Benefits of Organics - Health & Safety

General safety

Organic agriculture follows the same local, state and federal health standards as conventional farms. Farms also end up being inspected more frequently as part of the certification process.

Organic farmers use natural, safe methods such as insect predators, mating disruption, traps, and barriers to control pests, and crop diversity and rotation to build soil fertility and natural resistance to weeds.

Higher nutritional value

Over 40 published studies have shown significantly more nutrients in organic crops, whereas conventionally-grown produce in supermarkets has been shown to have ten times less mineral content.

Minimal chemical or synthetic residues

Because no toxic chemicals or synthetics are used in organic farming, there are virtually no harmful remnants left on the fruits and vegetables.

In a recent study by Consumer Reports, they found that organically-grown produce had "consistently minimal or nonexistent pesticide residue".

Safer for kids

On average, kids eat more fruits and vegetables per pound of body weight than adults. Their developing physiology is more vulnerable than an adult’s to the negative effects of chemicals, synthetics, and genetically-modified organisms.

The Environment Working Group found that over 1 million children in the U.S. under five-years-old eat food daily that is contaminated with pesticides shown to cause neurological dysfunction. In another study by the National Academy of Sciences, exposure to lead, mercury and conventional pesticides were shown to cause one in four developmental and behavioral problems in children.

Organic produce offers the highest nutritional value and helps protect children from the harm of conventional residues.

Healthier farmers

Organic farming is healthier for the farmers themselves. They’re in direct contact with the farming materials, and studies have shown that farmers who work with conventional pesticides are six times more likely to develop cancer.

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