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Harm from Conventional Farming

So, what's wrong with conventional farms?

Harm to you and the environment

Many people are not aware of the personal and environmental harm caused by conventional farming methods:
Note: Some conventional farms (especially family-owned ones) are taking steps to more natural methods, so each danger above may or may not apply to a particular local, conventional farm. (More...)

Conventional methods

Chemical and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
In America alone, the agriculture industry is estimated to use over 800 million pounds of conventional pesticides each year, and globally over 160 million tons of conventional fertilizer each year. These materials cause the most harm to you and the environment.
This is especially common with corporate agri-businesses, which own large plots of land luxury replica watches and specialize in a few cash crops. They grow these few crops season after season on the same piece of replica watches land. (More on degraded soil.)
Genetic-engineering and modification
Because genetic engineering in agriculture is constantly evolving, and with the recent controversy about its effects, read the section devoted to this one issue.
Antibiotics are commonly used to speed growth and fatten up animals in the meat and poultry industries, but some GMO fruits and vegetables also use them.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, 70% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. (approx. 24.6 million pounds annually) aren’t used to treat humans; they’re used in our food supply. (More...)