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Take Action for Organics & Sustainability!

"We, as individuals, are responsible for what is happening in our communities. We must become activists." — Ellen Straus

"If people really understood the connection of environmental damage to their own lives, they would be much more motivated to preserve and protect the environment." — Dr. Eric Chivian, director of Harvard’s Center for Health & the Global Environment

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read About Organics.

We are at a point – environmentally and politically – when your decisions about our food supply can greatly affect your personal health as well as the long-term health of our farmland, fresh water supply, ocean marine life, and local economies. (More...)

Choose organic

It's as easy as choosing organically grown products when shopping, and picking restaurants that serve organic produce when dining out. In the San Francisco area especially, we have many options!

Try only eating what's in season. It's an easy incentive to try cooking something new. Organize an Earth Dinner.

Ask your local restaurants and stores where their produce comes from, and request organic, sustainably grown products.

Buy locally

Supporting local farms puts your money back into regenerating your own community. More importantly, it ensures the farmers who supply our food earn their rightful income, and some types of distributors and corporations no longer leach earnings and livelihoods from rural communities. (More on supporting local farms and free trade...)

Stay informed

There are many e-newsletters that give summaries of organic and environmental news, or notify you when extreme political issues arise. We've compiled an easy list of some good ones.

Get involved!

Check Events for upcoming happenings in the SF Bay Area.

Check out the hundreds of organizations working for a sustainable food system in CA and beyond.

Sign petitions:

Support the folks making change

Volunteer to help local organizations working toward a sustainable food system (like Om Organics), or make a tax-deductible contribution. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Learn more

Check our resources, which include useful info on the organic movement, cooking resources, interesting reading, and more.

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