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Wholesale Seafood

NOTE: Due to the advent of sites like Yelp, we are no longer updating these listings.
Environmental and health factors of seafood are harder to monitor and regulate.

Below is a beginning list of our local, sustainable seafood suppliers. We will expand it to include more local fishmongers as well as sustainable supplier information soon...

Have a seafood supplier tip? Let us know!

Useful resources:

General issues
Habitat Damage, Overfishing, Bycatch, Aquaculture

Ways of catching fish
Beautiful graphics and quick explanations of each method's benefits or harm.

Eco-Best Seafood: Seafood Watch chart
Easy chart to choose seafood that is abundant and farmed & fished in an environmentally-friendly way.

Health-Best Seafood: Oceans Alive chart
Easy chart to choose seafood that is low in contaminants and mercury.

Choosing Alternatives
Another easy chart for chefs to choose alternatives to seafood in the "Avoid" category.

Monterey Fish Market
Fresh, quality seafood from predominately sustainable fisheries. (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Berkeley, CA
Contact: Paul Johnson, Joan Johnson, Dave Stern, Tom Worthington
Phone/Email: 415.956.1986 (wholesale), 510.525.5600 (retail), 510.525.0999 (office), 415.956.5851 (wholesale fax), info@webseafood.com
Ordering Info: More info coming soon!
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Royal Hawaiian Seafood
Wide range of quality fresh, frozen and live seafood, including special orders. Actively support local fishermen, sustainable practices, and the SF Food Bank.
City: San Francisco, CA
Contact: Knute Hogan, Mike Torrise
Phone/Email: 415.824.1177, 415.824.1187 (fax), sales@royalhawaiianseafood.com
Ordering Info: More info coming soon! Seasonal fish chart at the link below.
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