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Wholesale Dairy & Eggs

NOTE: Due to the advent of sites like Yelp, we are no longer updating these listings.
Note: A recent study revealed that some "certified organic" dairy farms do meet the USDA organic standards, and yet still use inhumane and/or unethical methods. (See the ratings...)

Check Regulations & Politics: Certifications for descriptions of common dairy labels.

Below is a list of local dairy farmers and producers of dairy products. (Did we miss anyone? Let us know!) You can also check the local distributors page.

Bellwether Farms
Cheeses made from their own pastured sheep and cows from a neighboring ranch. (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Petaluma, CA
Contact: Diana and Liam Callahan
Phone/Email: 888.527.8606 (general), 707.763.0993 (orders), 707.795.0300 (fax), , info@bellwetherfarms.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: SF, Marin (Tues); East Bay (Thurs).
Ordering Info: Place orders 10 days before delivery. Net 21.
Set Up Account: Call Diana for credit application or fax bank reference sheet.
Product/Price Sheet
Claravale Dairy
Raw milk and other dairy products.
City: Watsonville, CA
Contact: Ron Garthwaite
Phone/Email: 831.722.7779
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery available through Dairy Delivery and West Coast distributors (click the Distributors link for details). Pick-up at farm.
Ordering Info: Quarts of whole and nonfat milk: 2.00/quart. Pints of crème $5.50. Deposit on returnable glass: $1.25/bottle.
Set Up Account: Contact the farm directly.
Cowgirl Creamery - Tomales Bay Foods
Cheeses made from certified organic milk. Aged: MT Tam, Red Hawk, ST Pat, Pierce PT. Fresh: Clabbered Cottage Cheese, Fromage Blanc, Crème Fraiche. Also distribute other cheesemakers' cheeses. (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Petaluma, CA
Contact: Any sales manager.
Phone/Email: 707.789.9433, wholesale@cowgirlcreamery.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: San Francisco for orders of $100 or more (Thursday), or via FedEx 2nd-day air (usually sent Mon-Wed). Pick-up: SF Ferry Building Marketplace.
Ordering Info: Available by wholesale purchase from Tomales Bay Foods. Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm PST. December Weekends: 8am - 2pm PST.
Set Up Account: Contact directly. Click the Product/Price link for wholesale info, credit application, and price sheet.
Marin Sun Farms
Eggs from pastured chickens.
City: Point Reyes Station, CA
Contact: David Evans
Phone/Email: 415.663.8997, david@marinsunfarms.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: Novato, Petaluma, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol (Mon); Marin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley (Tue); Marin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley (Fri). Pick-up: SF Ferry Plaza market (Sat).
Ordering Info: Contact the farm for more info.
Set Up Account: Contact David directly.
New Life Farm
Eggs from pastured chickens. (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Acampo, CA
Contact: Juan Chavira
Phone/Email: 209.339.8008
Ordering Info: More info coming soon!
Set Up Account:
Organic Pastures
All raw dairy from certified organic pasture-raised cows, including milk, butter, cream, colostrum, cheddar cheese, whey, and uncultured buttermilk.
City: Fresno, CA
Contact: Megan Nazorast
Phone/Email: 877.729.6455, orderdesk@organicpastures.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: Greater Bay Area (days vary).
Ordering Info: Orders must be placed by Thursday or Friday the week before delivery. Net 14.
Set Up Account: Call to request an application. Minimums and delivery days determined on a case-by-case basis.
Product/Price Sheet
Redwood Hill Farm
Certified Humane goat milk cheeses including Chevre, Garlic-Chive Chevre, Three Peppercorn Chevre, Camellia, California Crottin, Bucheret, Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Pasteurized Feta, Raw Feta, and Bulgarian-style Raw Feta.
City: Sebastopol, CA
Contact: Yvonne or Alex
Phone/Email: 707.823.8250 x102, contact@redwoodhill.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: by UPS next-day or via distributors.
Ordering Info: Call or email orders to Redwood Hill direct, or order via distributors. You can also order online, but the shipping cost will be slightly higher.
Set Up Account: Call the farm directly.
Product/Price Sheet
Straus Family Creamery
Certified organic milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream, butter, half & half, and egg nog (seasonal). (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Marshall, CA
Contact: Brett Spillane for product info; contact distributors for orders.
Phone/Email: 415.663.5464 x112, family@strausmilk.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Available through distributors: http://www.strausmilk.com/index.php?mod=wholesale
Ordering Info: Distributors: V&C Foods: 415.468.7000; Veritable Vegetable: 800.878.1451; Dairy Delivery: 707.778.9970.
Set Up Account: Contact distributors directly.
Three Twins Ice Cream
Small-batch, certified organic ice cream and sorbet, packaged in 6- and 10-quart plastic tubs. Custom flavors available.
City: San Rafael, CA
Contact: Neal Gottleib
Phone/Email: 415.577.0144 (Neal), 415.492.TWIN (store)
Delivery/Pick-up: Free delivery: San Francisco and Marin (currently). Call to arrange a delivery schedule.
Ordering Info: Customized service and delivery based on your needs and location. They may deliver to other areas if you order higher quantities.
Set Up Account: Call Neal.
Product/Price Sheet

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